In 2017 I went from teaching 1 Yoga class a week to teaching over 50 classes in the final 50 days

Thanks for reading my first blog on my new website, I put this website together mostly for students to keep up to date with my classes and workshops and keep in contact but also to share my experiences through this blog. This blog is about my most recent journey on going from teaching one class a week to up to eight or more classes a week.

In 2017 I graduated my 350 hour advanced diploma as a yoga instructor, I was lucky enough to start teaching as a volunteer mid 2016 during my teacher training and gaining a paid class once a week early 2017. Working a full time job teaching one class a week worked well and was great experience, but as 2017 was coming to an end and my passion for Yoga was continuing to grow I wanted to teach more classes.

With some assistance from my amazing girlfriend who has worked in the fitness industry for years I started putting myself out there looking for more classes and before I knew it I was offered two new jobs with 5 classes total. I was blown away at these opportunities but to take on these classes and commit I had to quit my full time job. So I decided to take the risk and quit my job and take on yoga teaching as my primary job. Once I did that I had a lot more free time and was able to run and attend workshops and do fill ins and the opportunities just kept coming.

From teaching my single class a week to moving to six permanent classes and after a month having eight permanent classes a week with extra Meditations and workshops I was running. I ended up closing my 2017 by teaching 50 classes in the final 50 days with prior to that only taking one class a week. These opportunities came with my passion and love for Yoga and I am so happy to be doing what I love. Every time I’m heading to teach a class I can’t believe it’s become my job, I love Yoga and sharing yoga and the benefits with the world.

I’ve met some of the most inspiring and caring people through Yoga and who have changed and impacted my life in so many positive ways and if I could do that for others is a gift and I’m so grateful for that and the opportunity to teach Yoga and meditation. Thanks for reading and feel free to reach out for a chat or come to a class.

Namaste 🙏

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