Moving from a Studio/Gym Yoga Teacher to an Online Teacher during COVID-19

Writing this the same week as i launched online classes on my website, something i have wanted to do for years but never had the time or resources. Now here we are, through the circumstances of COVID-19 i'm teaching 3-4 live-stream classes a week and uploaded multiple classes to my website. I must say i didn't see it coming a few months ago but as soon as isolation began it was clearly apparent this is the way forward.

I began by having classes live-streamed which still had students in the class before we were forced to close, teaching yoga for almost 4 years now i haven't felt this nervous since my early days of teaching as when i started teaching with the live-streaming camera there. around 4-5 classes later i quickly adapted, it amazed me how quickly we as humans can adjust to change and adversity when it is thrown at us. I feel we often under estimate how quickly we can change and adapt and grow through change.

One of my favorite things about the transition to online is the availability now for so many more people to access classes and teachers from all over the world and even local teachers who classes might of never lined up with their schedule.

This is something i will continue forever now and am finding a new passion for Yoga through. As intense as these times are they are really opening up a new world for Yoga and community and as much as i can't wait to be teaching to people in person again this is amazing and i am truly grateful to be now teaching online.

Thanks for you reading and I hope you are enjoying the classes. Stay home and stay safe.

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